Who Are We?

The Team

To work with Best In Class you need to be Best In Class. That's why we have a strict Work-Through-Network policy where we subcontract the experts who are the best match for the task at hand. This is your guarantee, that we won't make recommendation based on "What worked the last time" but instead we'll make them on "What will work optimally, now".

Best In Class has since 2008 developed the strongest network of Functional Programming experts, predominately in Europe but also in the US, possible. Most client are surprised that projects who tradtionally would require a team of up to 4 developers can be handled by a single Clojurian, but don't be. This entails a massive reduction of overhead, since the need for a Project Manager disappears when the need for developers are reduced to 1. In every interaction with Best In Class, Lau Jensen will be your handler.

Lau Bjørn Jensen, Owner of Best In Class