Software Development

Looking for a new software development partner? Look no further!

Best In Class brings together years of entrepreneurial experience with the sharpest coding skills available. The mix guarantees the you get a partner who not only understands your business situation but also brings the required technical insights to the table.

Time-To-Market matters

We emphasize the Time-To-Market metric for two reasons:

Todays business setting is global and fiercely competitve, every edge countsThis is where we truly excel, demonstrating unmatched speed and precisionA continual willingsness to adopt the best tools for the job has put us in a unique position for rapidly developing software which meets the highest quality requirements.

Robust & Extendable

Many companies face periods of less-than-expected to growth when faced with either a multitude of userfacing bugs or difficulities extending their core functionality. By using Clojure we generated codebases that are 10-12x shorter than the C++/Java equivalent, thereby effectively minimizing the risk of bugs by 10-12x since every line of code carries a potential for errors. This is your guarantee that your marketingbudget won't be spent acquiring users for a platform which only sends them away unsatisfied.

The smaller codebase as well as inherently modular design Clojure applications have, really shows its steel when extending larger applications. Every module acts as an island in the system, not affecting or manipulating global variables, which makes it trivial to insert new modules into the application. A common pitfall of Object Oriented Programming is that errors tend to cascade through an application, making the task of adding new modules/functionality a risky one at best. With Clojure this process is fast and safe.

Scalability built-in

Clojure compiles directly to either Java Bytecode or Javascript, giving every Clojure application full and native to access to the entire Java eco-system. With this comes a multitude of enterprisegrade libaries and platforms, interfaces to AWS/Azure, scalable database clusters and much more. The worst case scenario for an application which draws large numbers of users but does not scale its performance to meet demand, is a complete rewrite of that entire system. Clojure is your guarantee that you can launch your application in the shortest possible amount of time and that once the userbase grows beyond single-server capacity, you can start scaling towards infinity without risking an entire rewrite.