Madkonceptet commissioned us to build an Intranet for their customers. The customers needed the ability to place lunch order from day to day as well as place custom orders. Best In Class developer the Intranet with direct integration to the Kitchen as well as Invoicing via Reports, in 1 months and still hosts the system.


Professional Testpro is an American company who sells various certification within Value Chain Optimization. Best In Class developed a complete e-learning platform with a fully equipped backend in just 5 weeks. The backend, in addition to managing exams, also sports a  number of customed reports. The system currently serves several thousand customers and the underlying architecture is capable of servering tens of thousands of customers concurrently, without any changes to the original codebase.


DONG Energy was tasked by the government to visualize their customers usage of fossile fuels relative to similar buildings. The calculation engine which is at the core of the system was written in just under 10 hours and rendered in a modern Webinterface. See the quote from DONG below for further details on the project.

About the project for DONG

We were tasked by DONG ENERGY to build a computational engine, which would compile statistics on DONGs gas customers and render them via a webservice. The entire project was under a strict 3 month deadline which was more than met. We released several weeks early, but despite the rush not a single breakdown has ever occured, nor has a single bug been uncovered.

This remarkable feat is only available to skilled developers who wield Functional Programming languages. These languages are unmatched in their ability to produce robust code which scales ad infinity.

As always, the results speak for themselves.

English version

quotestartWe have had the pleasure of working with Lau B. Jensen on the development of a webservice written in Clojure.

The functional programming paradigme was essential in developing a calculation-engine which to date has not had a single breakdown, produced a single bug or made a miscalculation of any sort and the system has just cleared its month in operation.In this entire period, there has been zero disruptions of service.

We felt to full effect, that Lau were using the right tools for the job: In the testing phase of the project he implemented a large number of changes and tweaks  at an unusually high pace, even in a complex scenario with multiple stakeholders.  

Our cooperation with Lau Bjørn Jensen has been excellent. He has demonstrated deep technical knowledge, good overview of the process and communicated in a fast and efficient manner, which was a critical succes factor for this project.


Danish version (original)

quotestartVi har haft fornøjelse af at samarbejde med Lau B. Jensen på udviklingen af en webservice udført i Clojure.

Den funktionelle tilgang bevirkede bl.a., at i den beregningsmotor der blev udviklet har vi til dato ikke konstateret et eneste bug, regnefejl eller uhensigtsmæssighed og systemet har netop rundet sin 4. måned i drift. I tillæg har der ikke været et eneste nedbrud i denne periode.

At der blev brugt de rigtige værktøjer mærkede vi til fuld effekt i testperioden hvor vi fik udført en rum mængde ændringer/rettelser i et usædvanligt højt tempo - endda i et komplekst scenarie bestående af flere parter.

Samarbejdet med Lau Bjørn Jensen har fungeret super godt. Han har demonstreret overblik, faglig dygtighed og kommunikeret hurtigt og effektivt, hvilket var en kritisk succesfaktor for projektet.


About the project for Professional Test Pro

A little over 5 years ago PTP had their business plans draw up, funding in place and all they needed was a crew that could take them to market faster than the competition. Today the system serves thousands of satisfied customers and PTP have successfully grabbed their sweet spot in the market.

English version

quotestart We contracted Best In Class to develop our e-learning platform from scratch. When first speaking with Lau Jensen we had a good idea of which language to use as well as a drafted database architecture. Both of these premises were challenged and when ended up going with a revised database setup and using Clojure instead of C#- this was crucial to maximizing the speed of development and ease of future extensions.

About 1 month after signing the contract we were able to launch the site and a few weeks later a cross-platform desktop application as well. Over the years we have added numerous modules and much functionality aimed at improving the customer experience and each time we have been impressed with how quickly Lau Jensen was able extend the system.

As a partner, Lau Jensen has challenged our ideas, added value and demonstrated a high level of professionalism which has been of a big part of why the site is so successful today. The system is now in its 6th year of operation, it’s serving thousands of customers and we couldn’t be happier with both the process and the result.

We would recommend anyone looking to undertake a software development project to get in touch with Best In Class and listen to their ideas and technical insights, you will likely find that they do in fact live up to the name.


About the project for MadKonceptet

MadKonceptet is a very popular danish catering company that daily makes lunch and dinner for a wide array of companies. They needed an Intranet wherein their customers could place orders directly, whereafter the menu would be integrated in the reporting system that the kitchen uses and at the end of the month be included in the invoicing report. 

The system has helped make MadKonceptets operation much more accesible for customers, effecient and transparent to great benefit for both MadKonceptet and their customers.

English version

quotestartMadkoncepts cooperation with Lau Bjørn Jensen has exceeded all of our expectations. Navigating the software development landscape is like navigating a jungle and finding the right partner for important projects is difficult. After our initial meeting with Lau we were convinced that we had found the right partner who we could entrust with the development of our customerfacing Intranet. Throughout the entire project he has ben easily accessible and helpful. He has responded quickly to all of our questions, new ideas and change requests throughout the project. The webapplication was delivered on time, despite the ambitious deadlines, in no small part thanks for Laus selection of the optimal technologies.  Our Intranet was delivered in an impressive design and after the launch, he has excellently followed up and helped make minor adjustments. He is a good partner who we absolutely will work with again, without hessitation.quoteend

Danish version (original)

quotestartMadkonceptets samarbejde med Lau Bjørn Jensen har fungeret over al forventning. Det er en jungle at finde de rigtige samarbejdspartnere til vigtige projekter. Første møde med Lau gav en overbevisning om at vi havde fundet den rette til at vores projekt, som bestod i at udvikle et Intranet til vores kunder. Gennem hele projektet har han været tilgængelig og hjælpsom. Han har responderet hurtigt på afklarende spørgsmål, nye tiltag og ændringer i hele forløbet. Produktet blev leveret til tiden til trods for ambitiøse deadlines, der alle blev nået bl.a. fordi Lau havde valgt at arbejde med de helt rigtige teknologier. Intranettet blev leveret i et  super flot design og efter lanceringen har han været god til at følge op på små-rettelser. Han er en god samarbejdspartner som vi absolut vil benytte os af igen, uden tøven. quoteend